The Beginning
In 1969, Pat Kehoe was a manufacturer’s representative for Panasonic, which needed warehouse space to handle the growing volume of components it provided to East Coast manufacturers. Pat seized the opportunity, rented a 10,000-square-foot warehouse in Upstate New York and started his own business. Pace Electronics was born.

Pacific Rim Component Sourcing
In the early 1970s, Pat turned to Japan for new component sources. It was the beginning of Pace's long experience sourcing and procuring low-cost, high-quality electronic components from Pacific Rim suppliers.

Hong Kong Office Opened
In 1977, Pace opened a purchasing office in Hong Kong to establish a local Asian presence that could further enhance Pace’s ability to work with up-and-coming Asian manufacturers. Pat met Peter Yang, a well-respected Taiwanese businessman, and formed the partnership that would last to this day.

In 1982, Pace built new headquarters in Sodus, NY, to manage the expanding business and meet the demands of a growing number of world-class clients.

Pat and Peter continued to grow the business and build up the Pace reputation for providing top-quality electronic parts, low prices and excellent service.

Looking to China
In the early 1990s, component prices in Taiwan and Japan began to rise. Pace, always seeking to better serve customers, was one of the first companies to look to mainland China for new sources of low-cost, high-quality components.

From Components to Turnkey
In 1995, one of Pace's largest customers needed a new source for board-level assemblies. Pace accepted the challenge. With the energy and resourcefulness that had defined the company since the beginning, Pace partnered with a factory in south China to meet the customers' needs. It was the beginning of Pace's foray into electronic contract manufacturing services. Once again, the business leapt ahead in capabilities and customers.

Pace Tech Opens!
In 2000, Pace built its own factory in Heshan, just north of Hong Kong, to provide expanded capabilities, quality and engineering oversight for its growing number of contract manufacturing customers. The ISO-certified facility, which employs up to 1,200 workers, is able to generate high volumes of labor-intensive assembly work at prices that help our customers compete more effectively in the world market.

Addition of Lighting Business & Expansion at PT
In 2008, Pace released its full line of exit and emergency lighting products. These products became the fastest-growing portion of Pace’s business. The rapid growth led to the first expansion at Pace Tech, bringing the manufacturing facility to 364,000 square feet.

Pace Today
From its modest origins over 45 years ago, Pace has grown into an international company serving customers around the world. Pace headquarters has recently expanded to include engineering services, stateside assembly and packaging. We have also doubled our warehouse space to accommodate our growing customer needs. Our manufacturing facility has undergone a second expansion, increasing its manufacturing space to 641,000 square feet. Whether you’re planning to build an electronics subassembly or turnkey assembly, or searching for electronic components at the lowest price, Pace can meet your needs.