Ms. Yang was trained and raised to be a reliable successor to her father, Peter Yang, a successful and experienced businessman. Ms. Yang grew up and received her education in Taiwan. In 2013, she left her hometown to start a wonderful adventure by joining Pace Technology in Heshan, China. The more Charlene learns about the business, the more she feels interested and motivated in her career. She began by assisting in purchasing and finance, and after a year moved into the sales department. She hosts most Pace customers during their visits to the factory and also handles all the activities for one of Pace’s top customers. Given her accounting background, Ms. Yang also has responsibilities for very significant decisions, both financially and operationally.

Fun Fact: Charlene now lives with her husband, Manson, in China and they make video calls to their lovely dachshund, Mrs. HotDog, in Taiwan every night. Charlene very much loves to travel alone. The first time she traveled to America, she was only 19. She took a journey from Manhattan to Boston, and then all the way to Chicago by herself. She finds American culture to be irresistible, just like the taste of their pizza.