I know manufacturing labor costs are lower in China, but what about turnaround time? What is Pace’s delivery window?

If we’re building your product from in-stock components, we can deliver in as little as eight weeks—including prototyping. And because of the labor savings in China, we can expedite your order, if necessary, and still save you money.

Who do I work with to ensure that everything goes according to plan?

Your U.S. sales team, which is located in Pace offices throughout the United States.

Will Pace deliver to my schedule and in the small lot quantities that I need?

Pace allows you to take advantage of high-volume manufacturing and shipping efficiencies—even if you can only accept low-volume deliveries. We maintain stateside buffer inventories at our warehouse in New York for just that reason. We will deliver the quantities you need just in time, regardless of your total production volume. Consignment and JIT inventory programs are also available.

We already have engineering drawings. Can you source and procure all the specified OEM components?

We can get any name-brand components you require. However, in most cases, we can procure equivalent quality components from our Pacific Rim suppliers at a significantly reduced cost compared to name brands.

Can you help me design my product?

Pace can provide engineering support from initial concept to mass production. Because our engineers work closely with our procurement team and are also familiar with Pace Technologies' manufacturing capabilities, we can optimize your design for maximum production efficiency, saving you time and money.

Does Pace provide samples?

From off-the-shelf parts to quick-turn prototypes, Pace can provide samples.