Outsourcing your manufacturing to Pace will keep you on the leading edge of electronics design, quality and price. Pace has the capabilities to deliver everything from electronic components to electronic assemblies and turnkey products. Outsourcing your electronic manufacturing to Pace is your best way to:

Redirect resources toward activities that have a greater return
By outsourcing your manufacturing to Pace, you can direct more resources toward strategic activities, such as product development and marketing, instead of operational details.

Avoid capital expenditures
The production of ever-evolving products requires capital investment in equipment, facilities and workforce expertise. When outsourcing to Pace, you avoid these costs and can invest in areas that bring higher, faster returns.

Concentrate your efforts on your core competencies
Outsourcing lets you focus your resources on the things you do best, strengthen your core competencies and hone your competitive advantage.

Gain access to world-class capabilities
Pace facilities and know-how are among the best in the world. By outsourcing with Pace, you can maximize your manufacturing design capabilities and quality, and reduce time-to-market.

Improve your company’s flexibility
Outsourcing manufacturing allows you to convert production costs from fixed to variable, to better meet fluctuating demand. You can react more quickly to increased product demands and avoid workforce reduction caused by unexpected market fluctuations.

Improve your company’s focus
Outsourcing with Pace lets you redirect resources from non-core activities toward long-term strategic planning and activities that directly serve your customer and enhance your competitive edge.

Increase production capabilities
Need to ramp up production overnight? Not a problem when you’re working with Pace. Our manufacturing plant in China has a huge capacity and can respond rapidly to your changing requirements. If necessary, we can utilize the production capacity of other trusted Asian manufacturers to get your job done on time, on budget and with the same Pace quality.

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