State Side Assembly

Looking to have your product Assembled in the USA?

Pace Electronics has expanded our capabilities by offering state side assembly and kit builds. To be competitive, we utilize our partners in China to source our raw materials such as plastics, metals, PCB, components, packaging, etc. and can complete the assembly in our Williamson, NY facility. We currently have 2 assembly lines and have ample space to expand to accommodate additional requirements. We currently offer hand soldering but plan to add surface mount capability in the near future.

US based purchasing team.

We have a US based purchasing team that works with our Asian purchasing staff to pool our resources and increase buying power for raw materials, keeping us competitive even with the higher US labor costs. Our engineering staff can help locate equivalents, for obsolete or end of life components, or components that are difficult to purchase with the current long lead time issues, or to help offer cost savings compared to customer’s current AVL components. These engineers also work closely with us to help you design the test fixtures required for our team to fully test your products before resale.

Once assembled state side we also provide the added value of reducing your carrying cost of holding huge inventories and can manage your product from our warehouse. We can manage all logistics and as a result respond to sudden spikes in demand more quickly and efficiently. We offer distribution services and can ship product directly to your customers, thereby eliminating a layer of freight costs.