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J-Box Adjustable-Head Emergency Light


The J-box PIR emergency unit is a new product in the emergency lighting field. It is a perfect combination of traditional emergency lighting and passive infrared-sensing technology that can be used as a combination PIR lamp and emergency unit or strictly as an emergency unit. It is a breakthrough in traditional emergency design, installing directly into a 4″ J-box. Colored faceplates are available.

The passive infrared sensing (PIR) technology will activate when ambient light levels lower than 1.3FC are detected. The PIR will detect motion up to a distance of 15 feet, with a 125º field of view. Once motion is detected, the light will stay on for 15 minutes (running on AC power) and then automatically turn off. The unit will automatically switch to emergency mode when AC power is lost.

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IES Report


Battery: 4.8V 1800mAH Ni-MH battery
Emergency operation time: 90 minutes
Dual-voltage input 120V/277V
Output wattages: 2.5W, 3 LED
Luminance: For 7.17 feet (2.1 meter) installation height, within 2.5 feet, luminance is 1~2.6FC
Temp rating: 10°-40° ambient
UL 924 listed
CSA listed


Designed for installation in 4″ J-box.Simply open the bottom cover, connect the lead of the product to the J-box power leads, then insert the unit into the J-bBox and screw in the two corners.Press the test switch to make sure the unit is installed correctly, then put the faceplate on

Ordering Information




E = Emergency

P = PIR Senso


W = White
B = Black

Example Cat#


Special color finishes by request.