Pace can handle virtually all your electronic manufacturing needs, from sourcing and procuring components to assembly and delivery of finished products just-in-time to your stateside distribution sites.

Our dedicated manufacturing facility in Heshan, China, makes high-quality hand assembly extremely cost effective, from simple jobs to the most complex, labor-intensive projects. 

Pace’s Heshan manufacturing site offers many advanced capabilities: 

Heshan Facility
1,200 Employees
641,000 Square Feet














Major Production Equipment: Multiple Assembly Lines 

Plastic injection molding machines
Pad printing machines
Ultrasonic welders
(RoHS) wave soldering machines

Surface Mount Technology
Y G200 - Speed: 45000 CPH
               Component Size: 0402 ~ 14mm

YV100Xg - Speed: 20000 CPH
                 Component Size: 0603 ~ 31mm

YV100Xgp - Speed: 20000 CPH
                 Component Size: 0402 ~ 32mm

Wire Harness and Cable Assembly
Automatic Crimping Machine: Model YT-7801
Crimping Speed: .8 sec/pc
Feeding Wire Speed: 3000mm/sec Max
Cutting Wire length: 30-9999mm
Cutting Length Tolerance: +/- 0.5 ~ 1mm
Stripping Length: 1 ~ 15mm
Working Temperature: 15 ~ 25 degrees

Winding machines
Frequency converters (power supply)
Sealing stations
Lamination stations
CO calibration chambers

Major Inspection Equipment

Frequency Counters, SP-100A
Light Box, TILO
Hi Pot Testers, AINUO
ICT Circuit Testers
Leak Current Tester, TONGHUI
Luminance Meters, Konica LS110
Oscilloscopes, Tektronix
RPM Counter
Spectrum Analyzer, HAMEG
Tension Gauges, ALGOL
Ballast PLC Testers
Semiconductor Analyzer, CALTEK


High-Temp Chamber
Low-Temp Chamber
Vibration Tester
ESD Test Simulator
Burn-In Stations
Battery Discharge Stations
Impedance Meters, YD2275
LCR Bridge Meters
Precision Resistance Meter
Cord Set Pull Tester
db Meter


High-Volume Manufacturing Capabilities

Box build
Printed circuit board assembly 
Plastic injection molding 

Ongoing reliability testing
RoHS assembly lines
Finished product testing 

To ensure we can handle any customer needs and demand, Pace has developed strong relationships with a number of other manufacturing sites throughout the Pacific Rim.