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Electronic components from the world's premier suppliers.

Are you overwhelmed at the complexities of sourcing your electronics components from a foreign market? Let Pace simplify the process for you. We have an established multinational network of suppliers in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, India, Japan and more. Our extensive supply channels allow us to be more selective in our procurement decisions. We only source items of the highest quality and best value from the most reputable suppliers.

  • Optoelectronics
  • Passive electronic components
  • Electromechanical Power Oscillators and filters
  • Interconnects and wire harnesses

One of the greatest risks of purchasing from a foreign market is the misrepresentation of the product. Inaccurate or deceptive descriptions can lead to loss of your investment. Pace eliminates that concern. We are embedded in every geographic region from which we source. There is direct employee contact throughout the Asian Market locating, authenticating and testing the products, while also validating ethical business practices.

What you order is what you will receive; products and components of the highest quality from a trustworthy source.

Our in-market presence also means we can engage with our suppliers in more than a mere transactional relationship. We invest in supplier development to optimize their processes and align their business to our customer’s needs.

We can offer alternatives to name brand components that are comparable in quality but at a much-reduced cost. Customized solutions are extremely accessible.

Supply chain disruptions are another concern in global sourcing, but our extensive network of suppliers offers protection to our customers. If there is a shortage of material or geographic volatility in one area, Pace has multiple other markets to access. We also offer inventory management solutions for additional protection from supply chain issues.

Pace has a responsive, U.S. based project management team who will handle all of your shipping and customs requirements.

Give us your specs, and we’ll do the rest.