Laser Printing

Does your organization lack in-house manufacturing capabilities? Do you have the facilities, but require scalability to meet your changing business needs? Are you looking for a more cost-effective way to manage your component manufacturing and product assembly without sacrificing quality? Are you a small business looking to overcome the barriers to entry in the electronics market? If so, you would benefit from a contract manufacturing partnership.

Our Certifications

High-Volume Manufacturing Capabilities.

Selecting a reputable Contract Manufacturing Organization (CMO) is the most crucial element to ensure your project’s success and maximize your profits. So what is the best way to know if a company is reputable? Look at its history. Reputable companies stand the test of time.

Pace planted its roots in the Asian electronics market more than half a century ago, and we have maintained some of our earliest relationships to this day. We have customer relationships that have lasted more than 25 years because our customers are our number one priority. From our executive team to our project managers to our factory workers, our employee retention rates are unparalleled. Pace employees are loyal and vested in our customers’ success and possess incomparable industry expertise.

When you are looking to outsource with a company you can trust, look no further than Pace. You will not find a more stable foundation on which to build your project.

Customers who partner with Pace reap the benefits of low-cost, high quality Asian manufacturing coupled with domestic project management. Our state side project managers are adept at navigating the Asian supply market and overseas logistics so our customers never have to be concerned with time-zone differences or learning the nuances of a foreign business culture.

Pace customers have access to our cost-effective supply chain; crafted over decades to be both stable and optimized. Our customers never have to sacrifice quality for price. We also have a variety of suppliers that we work with to prevent disruptions in material and component acquisition.

Pace has a dedicated 641,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Heshan, China with a skilled workforce of 1,200 employees that makes high-quality hand assembly cost effective, from simple jobs to the most complex, labor-intensive projects.

Having a dedicated facility in China means we control scheduling so our customers can depend on timely delivery without production delays, and our in-house manufacturing provides an extra level of security for your proprietary information.

Along with our dedicated facility, Pace has a nearshore option for smaller assembly projects, and relationships with sister companies throughout the Far East to meet large scale manufacturing needs. Scalability in production capacity allows for long term partnerships as we can always provide solutions for your changing needs.

Pace customers can also take advantage of our in-house quality assurance programs and feel secure in the fact that we will identify and correct any manufacturing defects before your product ever hits the market. Our quality standards extend throughout our global operations, and you can view our certifications and accreditations here.

Pace is the contract manufacturing partner you have been searching for. If you are ready to take the next step, click here to connect with one of our stateside project managers.

Pace is more than a partnership. We give you peace of mind.

Surface Mount Technology

Y G200 – Speed: 45000 CPH
Component Size: 0402 ~ 14mm

YV100Xg – Speed: 20000 CPH
Component Size: 0603 ~ 31mm

YV100Xgp – Speed: 20000 CPH
Component Size: 0402 ~ 32mm

YSM20R – Component size: 0201 package size components

Major Production Equipment

  • Plastic injection molding machines
  • Pad printing machines
  • Laser printing machine
  • Ultrasonic welders
  • (RoHS) wave soldering machines
  • Winding machines
  • Frequency converters (power supply)
  • Sealing stations
  • Lamination stations
  • CO calibration chambers
  • Multiple assembly lines

Surface Mount Technology

  • Automatic Crimping Machine: Model YT-7801
  • Crimping Speed: .8 sec/pc
  • Feeding Wire Speed: 3000mm/sec Max
  • Cutting Wire length: 30-9999mm
  • Cutting Length Tolerance: +/- 0.5 ~ 1mm
  • Stripping Length: 1 ~ 15mm
  • Working Temperature: 15 ~ 25 degrees

Major Inspection Equipment

  • ESD Gun
  • Frequency Counters, SP-100A
  • Light Box, TILO
  • Hi Pot Testers, AINUO
  • ICT Circuit Testers
  • Leak Current Tester, TONGHUI
  • Luminance Meters, Konica LS110
  • Oscilloscopes, Tektronix
  • RPM Counter
  • Spectrum Analyzer, HAMEG
  • Tension Gauges, ALGOL
  • Ballast PLC Testers
  • Semiconductor Analyzer, CALTEK
  • High-Temp Chamber
  • Low-Temp Chamber
  • Vibration Tester
  • ESD Test Simulator
  • Burn-In Stations
  • Battery Discharge Stations
  • Impedance Meters, YD2275
  • LCR Bridge Meters
  • Precision Resistance Meter
  • Cord Set Pull Tester
  • db Meter
  • AOI
  • ICT