About Us

Pace is a leader in electronic contract manufacturing and electronic component sourcing.

We serve a wide variety of markets, including consumer, medical, industrial controls, automotive and emergency lighting/safety products. With our comprehensive global capabilities, we give our customers the best of both worlds: Asian pricing and U.S.-based program management. We cultivate exceptional customer satisfaction through in-house oversight and quality control.


Our People

At Pace, we believed that the success of our company is tied to the success of individual employees. Each person from the assembly line to the executive office is a valued member of our team. We provide opportunities for professional development and have encouraged employees to rise through the ranks of our organization. This is why our executive team boasts more than 100 years of combined years of service to Pace.

Why it Matters

Pace boasts an unparalleled level of employee retention. This translates into low turnover costs, unparalleled industry experience and expertise and great customer service: Happy workers do more for their customers.


Our Integrity

Our business is built on relationships and relationships are built on trust. We adopt practices throughout our organization that help to promote professional integrity. This includes seeking the highest standards of quality certifications, practicing DFMA methods in our product design proposals, and giving back to the communities that support us. We have customers that have partnered with us for decades because we prioritize earning and maintaining their trust. 90% of our business comes from repeat customers.

Why it Matters

There are a lot of inherent risks to entering a foreign market, or trusting a company with your intellectual property. Our partners can rely on the reputation Pace has built over the past 50 years.

Our Innovation

Innovation is in our blood. Pace began as a component distributor, and has steadily grown in size, capabilities and markets. We offer flexibility, adaptability and scalability so we can continue to meet our customers’ needs as the world changes. Our extensive history in the Asian manufacturing market gives us a unique advantage to predict industry trends, and stay in front of market demands. In our consumer product division we use customer feedback to drive innovation and design products that meet customers evolving needs.

Why it Matters

Companies with an innovative mindset are more prepared to respond to market changes, survive market disruptions and develop and maintain a competitive advantage. Innovation also fosters growth, which benefits our organization and our partners.

Pace Electronics has been built on the quality of our individuals, our integrity and our innovation.

This is who we are.