Pace customers can expect a superior level of quality, services and support. No matter the project size or specifications, your product will be delivered on time and within budget. Pace is a trusted industry leader, a true manufacturing partner and a reliable consumer product supplier. See what our customers have to say:

MS Sedco

“MS Sedco has used Pace Electronics as our go-to contract manufacturer in the Far East for over 10 years. Their ability to provide turnkey manufacturing on small production runs with competitive pricing while maintaining excellent quality standards has been key to our success in introducing new products. Pace’s ability to warehouse in the United States also provides better flexibility with inventory control and lower logistics costs.”

Will Gudgel

Owner & CEO, MS Sedco


“Since 2010, Pace Electronics has been a true vendor partner with Sennco Solutions for our electronic assemblies. In addition to their quality and competitive pricing, we appreciate their incredible customer service and flexible stocking program. Pace’s willingness to work with us to meet our industry’s ever-increasing demands and shortened lead times has been an integral part of our continuing partnership. We would be hard pressed to meet the demands of our customers without their responsiveness and flexibility.”

Kim May

Procurement Manager


“Simkar Lighting and Pace have enjoyed a successful commercial relationship since 2009. In an extremely competitive market, Pace has added value every step of the way. They’ve earned high marks simply because they offer a quality product at a competitive price and, yes, the product is available as promised! The domestic warehouse mitigates the risk usually associated with any offshore supply chain. The leadership at Pace has created a customer-focused culture, proven daily by an extremely responsive inside team. Pace is a true ‘partner’ in every way and is highly valued as an integral part of Simkar Lighting’s strategic sourcing efforts.”

Bill Kelly

Director, Materials Management


“Pace electronics is a good fit for companies that emphasize cash flow management. They allow their customers to store months worth of inventory at their warehouses for a period longer than a year with easy access to the materials. Moreover, Pace’s Customer Service has always been quick and responsive to their customers’ needs. They have a sense of urgency that is catered towards businesses that perform in a fast pace and lean environment.”

Nicholas Lee



“Since 2004, Pace Technology Inc. has been our partner of choice for the manufacture of our range of carbon-monoxide alarms. In an area where life can depend upon the performance of products, attention to detail and quality is of paramount importance, Pace has continuously proven to be reliable, responsive and flexible, and their ability to work with us to introduce new products in the shortest possible time has always impressed us.”

John F. Walsh

Director, Business Development

“Competing and expanding in the emergency lighting market offers many challenges when deciding on your supply partner. Customers are expecting and often demanding more value from their suppliers in the areas of the environment, quality, delivery, cost and product innovation. We are fortunate to have selected Pace to support our emergency-signage needs, as they have consistently supported and excelled in all areas.”

Anonymous VP

Supply Chain