Pace gives you access to the world’s best brands of AC/DC adapters, wall mount adapters, transformers, batteries, custom cables and more.

When you think of key electronic parts you cannot overlook the importance of power supply components and assemblies. From cable and harness assemblies to solar panels and batteries, Pace is the one source for your power source needs. Pace can fulfill any customer order by accessing our network of international manufacturers, or can provide custom integrated solutions to meet your specifications using our extensive product application knowledge.

Pace has personnel in each of our supply markets to ensure quality components are being used in the manufacturing of our products, and that the products and components are tested. Our customers never have to worry about substandard component substitutions. Using quality parts results in a lower total cost of ownership and greater product lifespan.

Transport of batteries and other power source products out of a foreign market can be challenging for some companies. Pace has a logistics infrastructure that has been optimized to streamline the packaging and shipping of power supply components and assemblies. We have extensive experience with navigating the strict regulations and product testing requirements to ensure safe transport of items such as lithium batteries and transformers.

Power Supplies

  • Destop
  • Wall Mount
  • Custom Switchers
  • DIN Rail
  • Medical approval
  • World-wide agency approvals


  • Custom
  • Miniature
  • High & Low Frequency
  • Power
  • SMD
  • Choke and Coils


  • Lithium Primary
  • Lithium Secondary
  • Nickel Cadmium
  • Nickel Metal Hydride
  • Lead Acid/Gel Cell
  • Custom Battery Packs

Solar Panels

  • Standard Panels Available
  • From 0.2 Watt – 70 Watt
  • Custom Panels and Modules


  • Stepper
  • Stepper Controllers
  • AC Synchronous Motors
  • DC Brush Motors
  • Custom Motors
  • Gear Boxes

Cables & Harness Assemblies

  • Standard Cable Assemblies
  • Custom Cable Assemblies
  • Connectors
  • Earphones
  • Retractable Cables
  • Chargers

This list represents the majority of what we regularly ship, but only a small portion of what is readily available.

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