Packaging & Logistics

Many companies are attracted to the cost-saving benefits of overseas manufacturing but feel intimidated by the challenges associated with working in a foreign market.

Finding reputable suppliers, gaining access to a stable and skilled workforce, finding a manufacturing partner that adheres to quality and human dignity standards, understanding local business customs, overcoming language barriers, and navigating customs and shipping regulations are just a few of the critical components to building a logistics infrastructure that can support your business.

You can forego the daunting trial-and-error process and leave your worry behind when you work with an experienced overseas logistical expert.

Now more than ever, it pays to partner with Pace.

U.S. Project Management

Pace takes the worry out of Asian outsourcing by providing complete program management services through your Pace representative in the United States. Stateside engineers and program managers can handle every aspect of your contract manufacturing project, from inception to delivery, including design, QA and testing, shipping and customs, and inventory management for just-in-time delivery. With decades of experience in Asian manufacturing, culture, and business practices, Pace knows how to minimize risk and maximize benefits for our customers.

Pace is committed to the highest standards for quality and safety as indicated by these quality certifications and accreditations. Our stateside customer service is easily accessible and exceptionally responsive and will proactively address any manufacturing defect concerns before your product hits the market.

Customer-Specific Packaging

Pace offers customized packaging options. We have the equipment and experience to package your finished products, making them ready to ship directly to your customers. We take care of all the details, like custom printing, blister packing, clamshell sealing, and other packaging techniques. We can also work with you to produce instructions, user guides, and any other documentation that needs to be included with your product.

Pace will individually package and bar code your products prior to delivery. We use an advanced order entry and logistics control system, and an order-tracking system that guarantees your products will be delivered on time, every time.

If you need more flexibility in your delivery schedule, we have storage facilities in both the US and China. Our extensive warehouse space allows us to offer consigned inventory options as well as 30-90 day buffer inventory so our customers can respond seamlessly to fluctuations in demand.

Our global infrastructure has been optimized to provide increased agility at every stage and stabilized to reduce many potential risks including volatile pricing of both labor and shipping costs.

Whether you are a company looking to move away from in-house manufacturing, or a company just starting out, Pace can help you capitalize on the benefits of offshore manufacturing seamlessly and serenely.

Connect with our stateside Project Managers here.

Packaging & Logistics