Medical Industries

Pace has a ISO-13485 certified, dedicated plant in China for Class 1 & 2 medical device manufacturing.

Companies that manufacture components for medical devices must have a quality management system in place that meets or exceeds the standards established by the ISO 13485 certification.

Pace Electronics not only meets these requirements but we pair that high standard of quality with an innovative design team, an efficient production process, and extensive inventory management options to establish ourselves as the medical product manufacturer of choice. We are industry experts with decades of experience and our customers know that the products we manufacture will be reliable, cost-effective and quick to market.

Pace offers services from design and prototyping to final assembly, packaging and delivery.

Our global engineering team has experience with the design and development of medical equipment and possess industry insights to help new customers bring their project to fruition while navigating the heightened regulatory requirements in the market. Our team uses value engineering to maximize efficiencies from the design phase and can identify and procure the best components for your project through our expansive network of Asian suppliers. We have experience in manufacturing PCBA and sourcing custom components for a variety of medical applications.

Pace has a dedicated manufacturing facility in China that is certified for Class 1 and 2 medical devices as well as stateside assembly services. We offer high-volume manufacturing capabilities for companies poised for strong growth, but can also accommodate low-volume manufacturing and assembly for innovative companies looking to break into the market.

Pace has extensive experience with proper packaging and shipping of sensitive devices and an optimized shipping network to ensure safe and timely delivery of your products. Our stateside warehousing and distribution facility is also ISO 13485 certified and offers a wide range of inventory options including JIT, buffer and consignment.

Choosing a manufacturing partner that understands the medical market can give a company a leg up in a competitive and fast-paced industry. Pace is that partner.

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