Consumer Products

Pace has an extensive history of producing consumer goods completely packaged and ready for retail sale.

Producing a fully packaged consumer product can put a great deal of stress on your company’s resources and require a burdensome amount of capital investment. Pace can help to lighten your load. Our global engineering team can work with you from product conception to design, manufacturing, packaging and delivery. We have an extensive network of fully-vetted quality suppliers in the far east for best value sourcing. We have our own dedicated manufacturing plant in China and stateside assembly capabilities to offer competitive labor costs and exceptional quality control. Our capabilities include in-house manufacturing of plastics, complete through-hole or SMT assembly, testing, packaging, and inventory management or delivery to your end customer.

Our packaging options include clamshell, blister packing, gift box, and in-store display packs. We can also work with you to produce instructions, user guides, and any other necessary documentation to include with your finished product.

After packaging, Pace can barcode your products and use our advanced order entry and logistics control system to guarantee your products will be delivered on time, every time.

If you require inventory management, our extensive warehouse space allows us to offer consigned inventory options as well as 30-90 day buffer inventory so our customers can respond seamlessly to fluctuations in demand.

Consumer products represent the largest part of our business because our customers recognize the benefits of working with an experienced company such as Pace. Whether you are a company looking to move away from in-house manufacturing or a company just starting out, our manufacturing capabilities are scalable to accommodate short or high-volume runs.

At Pace, our gift is growing relationships. We have a customer who increased their business with us from 2000 units to 1.8M and another who rapidly went from a single sku order to more than 80 sku’s, and now trusts Pace to oversee 100% of their manufacturing needs. We have customer relationships that span decades and with whom we have collaboratively designed custom products based on their end-user needs.

We measure our success with your success. Contact us today to see what Pace can do for you.

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