State Side Assembly

Looking to have your product assembled in the USA?

Pace has a demonstrated history of innovation and understanding our customers’ needs. When we built our newest headquarters in Williamson, NY we included stateside assembly and kit building capabilities for our customers who prefer a domestic workforce. Our new state of the art facility has 2 assembly lines and the infrastructure for quick expansion. We built our facility with your future in mind.

Stateside assembly is ideal for companies with low to medium volume projects. Our customers enjoy access to a high quality workforce, shorter lead times than overseas assembly, the flexibility of design testing and modification, and easier customization of their products.

We currently offer hand soldering and have plans to offer surface mount services for those companies who want to optimize their board space with a compact and lightweight design.

Pace’s extensive global supply chain offers the additional benefits of superior, cost-effective raw materials and components that help our customers remain competitive, even with higher U.S. labor costs. Our engineering staff can leverage our network to locate equivalents for obsolete or end of life components, or components that are difficult to procure due to lead time issues. We are experienced with creative solutioning and can help our customers realize cost saving opportunities compared to their current AVL options.

Our stateside assembly services also include quality assurance measures so you can rest easy knowing that your products will be fully tested prior to sale.

A final benefit of our stateside assembly services is its proximity to our warehouse. Our stateside assembly customers can take advantage of our storage and inventory management options, eradicating the need for a large capital investment to hold your own reserve. Pace can handle all of the logistics, and our storage options allow us to respond to sudden spikes in demand quickly and efficiently. We offer distribution services and can ship products directly to your customers, eliminating your expense for freight costs.

Contact our U.S. based project management team to discuss if our stateside assembly services are right for your business.

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