We source quality materials and components for superior sound.

In the world of audio components and consumer electronics the process and materials used in manufacturing can have a significant impact on the end quality of the sound transmission. Working with an established manufacturing partner with an extensive network of suppliers can offer a company a competitive edge in this ever changing market.

Pace not only has an extensive network of suppliers, but we employ strategic and selective procurement criteria so that we only work with the world’s best sources. Pace has personnel in every market performing production validation measures to ensure compliance with the highest standards and most efficient processes for high quality, low cost outcomes.

We have curated relationships with our suppliers and engage in supplier development to stay on the cutting edge of new technologies in the industry. Pace also has in-house manufacturing and assembly capabilities that can be used to manage variables for product testing.

Pace offers a wide selection of speakers, buzzers, transducers, sirens, microphones and more, as well as customized components and products from the world’s premier suppliers.


  • General Purpose
  • Miniture
  • Micro (12 mm)
  • Flat Magnetic


  • Piezo Ceramic
  • Magnetic Buzzers
  • High dB Output (110dB+)
  • 300+ Standard Models


  • Condenser Type
  • MEMS


Our supply infrastructure also mitigates the effects from supply chain disruptions, price fluctuations and shipping delays.

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