The easiest and most cost-effective way to have your electronic product built.

You have a great concept but are looking for a manufacturing partner with in-house product design and development, established supplier relationships, low-volume, high-quality manufacturing capabilities that are scalable for growth, a dedicated workforce, and storage and distribution capabilities to help manifest your idea into a market-ready electronic product.

Pace is a proven and trusted collaborator in Turnkey manufacturing. Let us lighten your load.

From concept to market-ready we cover every step in between; design, sourcing, production, assembly, testing, packaging, shipping, storing, and distribution.

Our Turnkey services include:

  • Printed circuit board (PCB) assemblies
  • Injection molding of plastic parts
  • Sheet metal and formed parts
  • Pad printing
  • Customized testing
  • Standard and custom packaging

Partnering with Pace allows you to take advantage of our experienced engineering team and our US-based project managers who are prepared to oversee your job from start to finish. We use DFMA methodologies to mitigate risks in the design process to maximize efficiencies in production.

A collaboration also gives you access to our extensive network of Asian suppliers through which we can procure the highest quality, lowest cost raw materials and components. We also offer creative solutioning. Pace can reverse engineer OEM parts and build alternative assemblies, dramatically reducing your per-unit cost.

Pace has a dedicated state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, which allows us to ensure quality, improve efficiencies and reduce costs, helping to optimize your profit margins. Additionally, because we own our overseas manufacturing facility, we can provide a heightened level of protection for your proprietary information.

Pace’s US-based project management, dedicated manufacturing facility, and extensive supplier relationships make us the partner of choice for Turnkey manufacturing. Unlike many organizations, we welcome innovators looking for low to medium-volume manufacturing, as we have proven expertise in helping our customers grow their business.

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Additional Services

Ready to ship

We can package your finished products so they’ll ship directly to your customers. Whether you need custom printing, blister packing, clamshell sealing, or some other packaging technique, we’ll take care of it all.


Do you need instructions, user guides, or other documentation? Pace will work with you to create whatever is required.