Pace has their finger on the pulse of PCB manufacturing and assembly, and is an ideal strategic partner for your company. We have a proven track record of innovation and a relentless obsession with precision in both design and assembly. We are active in the IoT marketplace, and as a Walmart certified supplier we offer a depth of ethically responsible resources from which to procure your components.

Pace has mastered the quality and exacting standards of even the most demanding industries, such as healthcare and national defense, because even the best-designed printed circuit board (PCB) will fail unless it’s manufactured properly. Our facilities are ISO-9001 and ISO 13485 certified, and our quality assurance protocols ensure each board we deliver is flawless.

Pace can confidently meet the specifications of any customer with cutting-edge technologies delivered with meticulous attention to detail.

Our capabilities include
  • Circuit assemblies
  • Surface-mount technology
  • Through-hole board assembly
  • Double-sided board assembly and mixed technologies
  • Plus, many other types of electronic assemblies

From single prototypes to large scale production, Pace can do it all. Contact one of our project managers to discuss your PCB assembly needs.

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