Innovation in any industry

Partnering with an experienced and reliable global ECM can make all the difference.

Pace Electronics is a leading provider of electronic contract manufacturing services to consumer, medical, industrial control, automotive, marine, emergency lighting/safety and other high tech industries. We can apply our capabilities to any product with electrical components, in any market.

There are certain qualities that make a manufacturing partner stand out from the competition: Experience. Reliability. Scalability. Quality. Innovation.
The benefits of these attributes transcend industries and can help any business improve their designs and processes, provide peace of mind and streamline access to an infrastructure that can accommodate growth.

Pace Electronics brings all of this to the table and more. We provide our customers with a competitive edge in every market we serve. We leverage our extensive network of suppliers, our efficient manufacturing practices, and our world class customer service to deliver high quality and cost effective manufacturing solutions, even in highly regulated and evolving markets.

Pace also has experience with IoT solutioning for new products. IoT projects often start with an optimal set of requirements to maximize product reliability and performance in a target market. Unfortunately these requirements often include components that are

difficult to procure or are cost prohibitive. Pace is uniquely equipped to handle these challenges. We offer value engineering informed by industry insight and a dedicated facility where we can manufacture high grade critical components in the most cost-effective way. Pace IoT clients enjoy greater control over their product and the process with fewer compromises on their ideal design.

All Pace clients benefit from our long standing presence in the Asian markets. Pace is a stable product supplier and will be there to stand behind the component that we manufacture.

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