Whether you are looking for flat screens, monitors or alphanumeric readouts…

Pace will help you find the highest quality, cost-effective solution to your display needs.

When searching for a component supplier for visual displays, there are many options to explore. The benefits of TFT vs OLED or LCD displays are dependent on the end application, and with evolving technologies many companies are not aware of the current capabilities of the different offerings, or the challenges they may entail. Let Pace help you identify the solution that will work best for your product. Pace has extensive industry experience to help match the ideal visual display to your project priorities and price point.

Our manufacturing capabilities and contacts provides our customers with access to components of the highest quality. Even materials that are difficult to machine are manufactured with extreme precision and verified accuracy.

We optimize our processes to help secure the lightest, thinnest and most durable option to meet our customer’s specifications with production speeds that meet or exceed industry demands.

We offer hundreds of different sizes, styles and types, all readily available from the world’s best manufacturers.


  • Character Displays
  • Graphic


  • Super & Ultra Bright
  • SMT and COB
  • 3W – 5W technologies
  • Quad Pack
  • T1 & T 1 ¾
  • 7 Segment


  • 1.44” to 10.4”
  • Analog and Digital
  • Sunlight Readable
  • Touch Interface Integration

……and MORE!

We also offer customized LCD and LED options. Click below to connect with one of our global sourcing specialists.

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