Pace’s AC LED Emergency Driver provides emergency operation of AC powered LED, fluorescent, or incandescent fixtures during loss of AC power. In the event of loss of AC power, the PAC0823 will operate lamps, or LED arrays up to 25 watts, for a minimum of 90 minutes.

PAC0823 AC LED Emergency Driver
  • Provides emergency operation of AC powered LED Drivers for 90 minutes during loss of AC Power.
  • Dual input voltage of 120 or 277 VAC, 60Hz.
  • Automatic, emergency sinusoidal voltage output of 120 or 277 VAC based on operating input voltage.14V high-temperature Nickel-cadmium battery pack and micro-processor based controller encased in a single polymer housing.
  • Battery over-discharge protection.
  • Battery over temperature, and over current, protection.
  • Full battery recharge in 32 hours after complete discharge.
  • Charging LED indicator also provides fault codes with single and double blinks.
  • Test switch allows simulated emergency operation after 1 hour of charge while AC Power is present.
  • Temp Rating: 20o – 40o damp
  • UL 924 Listed for indoor or damp locations


See Spec Sheet.