Pace’s PAC0827 series model utilizes low power consuming LED technology to hold a steady illumination of the universally known green “running man” symbol throughout its use. Constructed of corrosion-resistant, UV-stable, thermoplastic housing with a low-profile test switch, the PAC0827 is a sleek, reliable unit. This model includes pictograph diffuser options for single/double-sided installation and is CE and AUS listed.

PAC0827 Running Man LED Exit
  • LED technology 75,000 hours lamp life
  • Low power consumption and LED light source for reduced operation and maintenance costs
  • High temperature nickel-cadmium batteries
  • Strong, lightweight, UV/FR PC body and gear tray
  • Ceiling or Wall mount ordering option
  • Large terminal block for easy wiring
  • Includes diffuser and pictograph for single/double sided installation
  • Voltage 3.6V
  • Lamp Wattage 6.5W
  • CE Listed
  • AUS Listed



Blank = White

Mounting Style

WM = Wall Mount

CM = Ceiling Mount

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